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Idleness Apathy Restlessness Procrastination These Are Symptoms, Of What Early Christian Theologians Called Despondency Acedia , A Spiritual Sickness Rooted In A Lack Of Care Or Effort A Condition As Old As The Ancients, Despondency Thrives In Todays Culture Of Leisure, Anxiety, And Digital Distraction Time And Despondency Is A Penetrating Synthesis Of Ancient Theology, Spiritual Memoir, And Self Help Practicality It Envisions Despondency As The Extension Of A Broken Relationship With The Experience Of Time Driven By The Fear Of Death And The Anxiety Of Living, Despondency Drives Us To Abandon The Present Moment, Forsaking The Only Temporal Realm In Which We Have True Fellowship With Christ The Remedies Offered By Time Honored Christian Thinkers For This Predicament Constitute Not Only An Antidote To Despondency But Also Stepping Stones Back To The Present Moment In Regaining The Sacredness Of Time, We Re Encounter The Resurrection Of Christ In The Dark And Restless Moments Of Our Lives

5 thoughts on “Time and Despondency: Regaining the Present in Faith and Life

  1. Jeffery D. Warner Jeffery D. Warner says:

    This book is nothing short of marvelous true medicine for a melancholic soul Roccas masterfully employs the difficult teachings of the Desert Fathers to light a path for both the Orthodox and Protestant pilgrim in our dark times I have studied The Philokalia for years, and have never found a acessible application of its teachings than what Roccas has presented here.

  2. Racso Racso says:

    It is well written, both readable and clear Acedia is hard to get your mind around, but she presents it and the significance of time to it in an intriguing way Towards the end she writes about the ways to bring Christian experience to bear on it in a healing fashion Whether you call it acedia, depression, or despondency she has written a book with knowledge and healing in mind You can only win with this choice.

  3. Bryan David Follis Bryan David Follis says:

    This book is without question, the most profound thing I have read in 20 years My life is forever changed by the perspective I have gained from reading this work over the weekend If you struggle with what it really means to be present, I encourage you to read this book The insights and practical advice shared by the author are outstanding.

  4. Benjamin Waegerle Benjamin Waegerle says:

    This book was recommended to me by Caleb Shoemaker, a mutual friend of myself and Dr Roccas, who is also an author published by Ancient Faith.Time and Despondency was, for me, an experience of great relief and renewed hope Being my first encounter with a piece of literature focused on the topic of acedia, I witnessed the articulation of something that has, in my experience, always been vague, negative emotions I lacked the vocabulary do describe how I felt, and I was completely ignorant of the existence of other people who shared my experiences Acedia is not an unknown issue in Eastern Christianity, but it most certainly is in the Protestant Evangelical world that my wife and I left just months ago.Dr Roccas eloquently defines the particularities of despondency, making many references to great theologians and fathers of the Church, Evagrius and Staniloae among them In the final part of the book, she administers some practical wisdom as an antidote to despondency.It is my prayer that I, and anyone else that suffers from despondency, can use the wisdom found in this wonderful and easy to read book to journey back to the present moment and into the love of God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Most Holy and Life giving Spirit.

  5. James James says:

    Time And Despondency is a must read It is, without any reservations, the best most unique book on spirituality that I have read in a very long time Dr Roccas is a gifted and talented writer This book is so good that I am now reading through it a second time Highly recommended.