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Fast delivery Happy with purchase. Fantastic A wonderful book about an amazing woman Very good inspirational story and to be recommended. Fantastic, inspiring story The morals and life lessons along the way, like perseverance, selflessness and work ethic , lead to meaningful discussions as I read this to my boys That s right, my two bear cub boys were super intrigued with the story, always asking for one chapter I suppose the suspense and tension throughout the story kept them on edge and wanting I m sure girls would love this story too I know I am certainly inspired by this woman This book gets 5 stars in my book for proper grammar and usage, an interesting story line and high moral content. A powerful story of a women that with simple faith moved mountains saved lives from misery sinister death This story is based on the true story called The Little Woman by Gladys Aylward There are a number of books about her Do an search wow Made into a blockbuster movie called Inn of Sixth Happiness staring Ingrid Burgman.Gladys Aylward sets the example that through reading the Bible all things are possible One thought for change good will can lead to many steps for change fulfillment Let her story take you on a journey of self discovery a inspire a belief in changing your own circumstances Inspiring hope to cope in the face of dammed odds Through simple faith the stagnation doubt can be held back Let this story renew your focus your future life in this world in the next.See also other powerful stories of woman making the life changing walk in faith against horrific odds.Other recommendations.Books written by Corrie Ten Boom The Hiding Place By Corrie Ten Boom Just remember the Corrie from Coronation Street to remember the book author has also been made into a powerful feature length Movie The Hiding Place Awesome in the face of true terror horror Wonderful women show their true quality strength.See also another woman of power.Jackie Pullinger Book Chasing the Dragon.When reading this book as with Corrie Ten Boom story the evidence truth pour out between the written lines A modern day Mother Teresa of Calcutta from the evangelical side Standing together in the body of Christ, there is nothing lame in saying that This book is a mountain mover.This is another story that should be made into a full block buster movie I have always thought that So Powerful what a Testimony Is there anyone out there that can make this happen It s a must How can one woman achieve so much that had bewildered every previous attempt for change by the Governments law forces Poverty, drugs, prostitution, satanic rituals, abuse horror on every front This true story charts one woman s stand in the face of impossible odds Pullingers profound experience powerful testimony, offers hope, especially to those who believe they are too far gone to be forgiven Rise into a new life of joy, peace, freedom love through Jesus Christ Repentance means to turn around make good your life choices through Christ The Great Command Also true story Faith Like Potatoes By Angus Buchan Book Dvd Movie TitleHe is a Scot who moved to Africa to farm the land He found God in the middle of extreme disaster now he farms the good will of humanity He now features a lot on GodTV.His message is always simple wholesome grounded on good moral family values bible word He s a farmer.I watched him on GODTV call up the Holy Spirit, it was like out of the Bible with the prophets.A sudden Holy Spirit hurricane blow in It was incredible had not happened before It disappear as quickly as it came I have never seen anything like it It might be on youtube or website GodTV.This dvd is the same Angus was on the Brinck of loosing his ranch he called the rain to fall in Christ Jesus name it rained saved his ranch the miracle of Christ walks breathes with this man.His books are a fantastic read by Angus Buchan Do an search on his nameAlso Run Baby Run by Nicky Cruz has been made into a Powerful Feature Length Movie the original book movie called The Cross the Switchblade Other recommended true story reading in the face of impossible odds, on From Witchcraft to Christ By Doreen Irevine All time World famous occult deliverance, another book that should be made in a block buster movie to warn others A Very Present Help By Sir William Dobbie Malta SOLDIERS miracle survival War Grace Short Biographies from the World Wars By Don Stephens The Cross the Swastika By F.Grossmith Another Man s War By Sam Childers made into a feature length movie dvd Machine Gun Preacher 2011 Incredible powerful gripping story Faith Under Fire By Andrew White SEAL of God By Chad Williams Navy Seals.TRUE STORY DVD titles on to set you really thinking stir the emotions Machine Gun Preacher 2011 Gerald Butler Movie Schindler s List 19930 is a miraculous true story modern exodus, a powerful Steven Spielberg movie the maker of ET extra Terrestrial 1982 ET phone home Saints Soldiers 2003 Hidden in Silence 1996 The Hiding Place 1975 No.4 Street of Our Lady 2009 Thank You,Mr Hodges 2007 Many looked on Gladys Aylward s expedition to mainland China as foolhardy and dangerous It was On her own, as a single female, she carried her passport and other documents, along with the only money and belongings that she had, in a small briefcase with a teapot and a saucepan tied to the handle After having purchased her one way ticket to China, she left the United Kingdom with a single minded determination to do what God had commanded her She knew she was meant to go to China even if no mission was prepared to support her Unconventional is the only way to describe this journey to the country that would eventually become her home A theme that would continue throughout her mission work in China where she thwarted authorities, became involved in the Chinese resistance and rescued overchildren from the invading Japanese army Written for year olds