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One of just a handful of women reporting on the Vietnam War, Kate Webb was captured by North Vietnamese troops and presumed deaduntil she emerged from the jungle waving a piece of white parachute material afterdays in captivity Le Ly Hayslip enjoyed a peaceful early childhood in a Vietnamese farming village before war changed her life forever Brutalized by all sides, she escaped to the United States, where she eventually founded two humanitarian organizations Lynda Van Devanter was an idealistic young nurse inwhen a plane carrying her andmen landed in South Vietnam Her harrowing experiences working in a combat zone hospital would later serve as inspiration for the TV series China Beach In these pages readers meet these and other brave women and girls who served in life threatening roles as medics, journalists, resisters, and revolutionaries in the conflict in Vietnam Author Kathryn J Atwood presents a clear introduction to each of five chronological sections, guiding readers through the social and political turmoil that spanned two decades and the tenure of five US presidents Each woman s story unfolds in a suspenseful, engaging way, incorporating plentiful original source materials, quotes, and photographs Resources for further study, source notes and a bibliography, and a helpful map and glossary round out this exploration of one of modern history s most divisive wars, making it an invaluable addition to any student s or history buff s bookshelf

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    quite interesting altho most of the coverage is the second indochina war there was two french women in the first i ndochina war which werent mentioned namely valerie andre and brigitte friang andre was a helicopter pilot and parachutist and surgeon and flew into combat zones to tend wounded friang was a reporter who accompaned many combat patrols.

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    Five parts over 30 years of the Vietnam wars Courageous Women of the Vietnam War are a series of stories of these courageous women in author Kathryn J Atwood s 2018 well written account of that long war These women were nurses, journalists, volunteers, survivors and .There was the story of Genevieve de Galard who, while being an flight nurse, she witnessed the surrender of French forces while on the ground in Dien Bien Phu caring for the wounded There is the story of Lynda van Devanter, who served as a nurse in Pleiku, and experienced the life The Story of an Army Nurse in Vietnam It was a surprise to learn that Lynda had died at the age of 55 from a vascular disease that she believed was related to Agent Orange Agent Orange is something this reader understands.There is the sad story of Dr Thuy Tram from Hanoi who was the chief surgeon in a Duc Pho clinic This young communist kept a daily diary of her involvement in the war She died with a bullet in the head Eventually her diary became a best seller in Vietnam and was later translated into English, which has now been ordered by this reader.There is the story of Iris Mary Roser, an Australian Relief Worker who volunteered to work in a hospital in South Vietnams Central Highlands The hospital was in a dangerous area of VC activity outside the village of Dam Pao, 25 miles from Dalat, where the United States had a large military base Perhaps the best story was of attractive American reporter Jurate Kazickas, who while at Khe Sanh experienced a rocket attack that left her with shrapnel in her back and on her face There were stories from 14 women.Many of these women were in country during the same time period that this reader was, thus these stories are very real This is the second book of courageous women in war that this reader has read by author Atwood He plans to read the two that he has not read They are excellent.