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6 thoughts on “The Ladder of Divine Ascent

  1. William A O'Connell William A O'Connell says:

    Excellent, Bishop Kalistos introduction is easier to get one s head around than the preface, and the preface was written by the translator But fear not, the translation is great In a similar way to Sacred Scripture and it s hidden depths this work is another opportunity for us to give thanks to our Heavenly Father for keeping these things from the learned and the clever academically and Bishop Kalistos has an awesome academic reputation too Putting aside the opportunity for rote and obligation rather than love and spirituality, the joy of orthodoxy that so many protestant churches have lost is the treasury that is historical spiritual wisdom This book provides an excellent example of what I mean Having said this St John dates his work and his experience by stating that miracles are limited to monks Smith Wiglesworth and others have undermined this statement significantly For those interested in enlarging the throne room that exists within them I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

  2. Fotini Fotini says:

    excellent book

  3. Simion Vasile Simion Vasile says:


  4. The Kinsella Bunch The Kinsella Bunch says:

    Overall, I am enjoying this book Though I say the word enjoying with some apprehension This is not a book you necessarily enjoy It is a book you sweat over, pray over, repent over A book which shows you how far yet you have to climb in your spiritual walk toward God.I have mixed feelings concerning it In some passages Climacus gives the impression that he feels it is very unlikely a worldy person meaning a person who is not a monk can ever be saved I remember how he relates one story he tells lots of stories which I enjoy reading, some are quite funny and a worldly man asks him how he might be saved He gives some general guidelines, but seems to offer him little real hope Climacus seems to think that unless one forsakes all in the sense in which he did, then there is not much else you can do I have to disagree with this, and it is my understanding that the Orthodox Church also do.This particular translation does seem to be of a dynamic equivalent than a literal one, which is fine by me really It means less struggling with the English and struggling with the principles that Climacus taught, if you know what I mean.

  5. Pascal Tiscali Pascal Tiscali says:

    May I just make a comment on the cover art for this book, and in general for the Classics of Western Spirituality series This is a holy book, it should be possible to treasure it and look at it as something special Its appearance should in some measure give a foretaste of what lies within.From that point of view, this book has a grave deficiency The cover art not only fails to give any sense of the contents it actually detracts from them I would have to say that this book outdoes the rest of the series in terms of having a really uninspired, secularised looking cover almost like something a computer would generate than a human soul, let alone a devout one.I realize that the series actually makes a deliberate effort to generate new art, as opposed to reproducing classic images, but unfortunately the result is disastrous entirely vindicating the strictest critics of the post Vatican II catholic church.

  6. Sandra B. Sandra B. says:

    In my opinion this a very good English translation of the original Greek text However it would be good to also have it as a kindle read, this would make it accessible for those with a Kindle or app and also aid cross referencing I hope someone from will answer this request.