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Republished to coincide with the new ITV film, My Boy Jack starring Daniel Radcliffe, this is the full account of the tragic life of John Jack Kipling On th SeptemberJohn Kipling, the only son of Britains best loved poet, disappeared during the Battle of Loos The body lay undiscovered foryears Then, in a most unusual move, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission CWGC re marked the grave of an unknown Lieutenant of the Irish Guards, as that of John Kipling There is considerable evidence that Johns grave has been wrongly identified and for the first time in this book, the authors name the soldier they believe is buried in Johns grave This is the first biography of Johns short life, analysing the devastating effect it had on his famous fathers work

8 thoughts on “My Boy Jack?: The Search for Kipling's Only Son

  1. PaulM PaulM says:

    Fabulous book couldn t put it down In my opinion and when you weigh up all the evidence I don t think this is Jack Kiplings Grave you so want it to be for closure Visited the area and traced the battlefield, Loos Memorial and St Mary s ADC Cemetery where he is buried When I saw the grave I didn t think it was his One of those books you don t want it to end.

  2. MLD MLD says:

    An interesting book However, from page 77 to page 108 of my copy, every alternate double page spread was completely blank, so impossible to make coherent sense of the text on the intervening pages A great disappointment, and not realised until I reached that place in the book, some time after the purchase Bought because it was one of our Book Group s selection As such, it was a wasted purchase The copy had clearly not been checked before being sold.

  3. susan wilson susan wilson says:

    A great historical book Absolutely fascinating and an insight into the tragic loss of souls on both sides in the WW1 This is just one family trying to come to terms with the loss of their beloved son who was killed in the battle of Loos in 1915 My own Grandfather was killed in the same battle 2 days before Jack It s hard 100 years later to understand the horror and total waste of human life This book makes you think how fortunate we are.A sad but excellent read.

  4. Fiona Raphael Fiona Raphael says:

    I loved this book Such a moving story about the initial fervour for war and the final awful reality.

  5. Vanessa G. Vanessa G. says:

    This is a very well written book and, although much of it is about his dad, Jack comes across as a lovely and caring young man who died far too soon It is very sad in places but well worth the tears

  6. Pam Beard Pam Beard says:

    This will be an interesting read.

  7. tdk cd/dvd marker pens tdk cd/dvd marker pens says:

    not impressed.

  8. barkis barkis says:

    A wonderful if sad story brilliantly told.