Free Genndy Tartakovsky: From Russia to Coming-of-Age Animator Legends of Animation (Audio Download): Jeff Lenburg, Amanda Thorp, Jeff Lenburg: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Jeff Lenburg –

At the age of seven, Genndy Tartakovsky moved with his family from Russia to the United States, where American cartoons and comic books soon captivated his imagination and inspired him to become an artist After working as an animator on Batman The Animated Series,Stupid Dogs, and The Critic, Tartakovsky began to work on his own ideas Known for fast paced, action packed stories and a distinctive animation style, he created the animated sensations Dexter s Laboratory and Samurai Jack and worked on the breakout hit, The Powerpuff Girls He then directed the animated microseries Star Wars The Clone Wars and created the original series Sym Bionic Titan Genndy Tartakovsky explores the unique talents of one of the most influential animators working today