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On The Isolated Peninsula Of Mount Athos Monks And Hermits Devote Their Lives To The Ancient Pursuit Of God Father Spyridon Travels To The Heart Of That Experience To Discover The Wisdom And Spirituality Of Orthodox Christianity


  1. Mrs.Mary Bailey Mrs.Mary Bailey says:

    Beautiful book,l shall re read it sometime.L purchased this book out of curiosity,but really enjoyed it and all the truths within I feel I ve learnt about theOrthodox religious religion from this well written book than from any text book.It s written in an easy,flowing style, a joy to read m.a.b.

  2. John John says:

    This is a very readable account of a pilgrimage to Mount Athos by an English Orthodox priest, a convert from Church of England But it is much than a travelogue it is a spiritual reflection on the state of the world, the West and in particular England It would of course be of particular interest to orthodox Christians but anyone reflective and critical of the state of the world we live in would find it interesting.

  3. Darren Lorente-Bull Darren Lorente-Bull says:

    This book is so well written that I felt transported to Mount Athos Father Spyrindon s candid account of his own awkward moments on this holy island coupled with his insightful experiences makes the book one of the best I have read in a long time The ending is unexpected and yet perfectly suited to the subject matter A must read A very beautiful account of a very deeply spiritual journey that manages to be accesible and down to earth.

  4. RaphH RaphH says:

    Easy reading but filled with the seriousness needed for true faith I enjoyed his personable way of sharing his joys and struggles as well as the lessons we can all learn In a world of ever fracturing Christian Churches and denominations It is good to know that the Orthodox Church has stood the test of time We must pray for the Peace of the World as we are entering perilous times.

  5. Mrs C B Mrs C B says:

    Very good book.Feel as if I ve, somehow, partially visited Athos.Would been better had it finished with him back with his wife and in the church, but maybe that s for the next instalment.God bless and help our Holy Fathers on Athos.

  6. Liam Liam says:

    I love it

  7. adaptations.se Customer adaptations.se Customer says:

    Good book

  8. R P Rochford R P Rochford says:

    I read this book in one sitting and immediately wrote a review here on I gave the book 5 stars which apparently is not acceptable because removed the review So, here s a four star review for a five star book This book is something between a Rough Guide to Mt Athos and something in a spiritual genre The author is clearly on a journey in all senses of the word Details of the physical journey through the heat of summer Greece to the holiest sites of Orthodoxy were presented with a clarity and degree of observation which made them fascinating The spiritual journey which arose from physical travel was equally captivating.Father Bailey is, like most honest Christians, on a life long journey seeking always to learn, to discover and to experience of their faith His pilgrimage to Mount Athos clearly forms an important part of the journey for him and his analytical, introspective commentary is as enlightening as his travelogue Some of the dialogue and analytical commentary certainly provide the reader with food for thought and challenge each of us to re evaluate our views of the world.Don t be put off by the spiritual aspect of this book There s enough in this book to engage travelers of all disciplines.