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GradeUpKor relates memories of life in the village of Portz, Transylvania Romania , where she was raised on a large farm, never aware of the anti Semitism that pervaded the country until , when the Hungarian army came Six year old Eva and her identical twin, Miriam, the only Jewish children in their small mixed grade classroom, suddenly found themselves taunted and beaten by once friendly classmates Atyears of age, the twins and their family were forced to live among seven thousand other Jews in a fenced in field, protected from the elements only by tents made of their own blankets and sheets and by the clothes on their backs They were soon taken on a four day train ride to Auschwitz, standing all the way, with no food or drink There the sisters were selected to be victims of Dr Josef Mengele s medical research Eva s amazing fortitude and her desire to protect her sister helped her to survive a horrible disease brought on by an injection Both twins endured a terrifying daylong separation during a forced march between camps the remaining Auschwitz prisoners were liberated by Soviet soldiers, and the girls found a way to go home in search of family survivors Kor s straightforward first person narrative is unusual because it details life in the concentration camp through the eyes of a child who lived among children In an eight page epilogue, the author talks about her discovery,years after liberation, of the importance of forgiveness a seed for peace , and of what she has done to teach young people the positive lessons of life garnered from her horrific experiencesSusan Scheps, Shaker Heights Public Library, OH c CopyrightLibrary Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc No redistribution permittedThis book is an essential purchase for libraries with a Holocaust collection, but it would also be a valuable addition to any library with young impressionable readers VOYA