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After writing than one hundred books, it still amazes me that I have been lucky enough to spend most of my life doing what I truly love writingWhat makes a writer The desire to tell a story, a love of language, an eye for detail, practice, practice, practice How well should you know your characters Do you need to outline before you write How important is length Now Walter Dean Myers, the new National Ambassador for Young Peoples Literature and New York Times bestselling and award winning author, walks you through the writing processIncludes Examples from his writing and reading experiencesWalters six box and four box outlines for writing fiction and nonfictionExcerpted pages from Walters own notebooksAn afterword by Ross Workman, Walters teen coauthor of kickWriting tips from both Walter and Ross Anyone can be a writer, with a little help from Walter Dean Myers As pictured I am a published writer of non fiction I write for Examiner, CBS,, Tattle, and other publications as a freelancer However, I have had immense difficulty tackling the novel I ve always dreamed of writing It is in pieces on my flash drive as parts seem to just come to me.What I appreciated most about this manual is the planning process and the tips for conquering writer s block As I was reading, I discovered that this is exactly what I was having problems with I love creating characters never grew out of making imaginary friends, I guess , and I like creating all of the challenges the characters go through in my mind, and watching them overcome The beginning and ending of my novel is coming out nicely, but the middle is skeletal at best It s because I didn t plan very well for it Now I know what to do when I go back and try again.My only complaint about this book is that it s somewhat repetitive I feel like some parts were repeated just to have pages.I recommend this to aspiring writers of any age After years of writing in university, Finally I have found a clear path to the objective for short story and novel writing Composition classes, thesis, critiques, discussion, and research writings have been my game for years, but no one has ever put it plain and simple to exactly how to keep on track and follow your outline Character analysis is also discussed and shown how important it is to do research and planning in order to keep the reader interested The book is short, but with all the information packed into it, following the tips given here will make any beginner or seasoned writer the best one can be I have shared this book many times with my writers groups and we agree it is a must for your writing career. Myers uses a six box approach to plotting and then divides each box into about five scenes The book is aimed at a high school audience, and Myers delivers a cogent explanation of writing for this age group., For non fiction writing, he uses a four box question, evidence, explanation, answer Great book for young writers