read online Pdf Philokalia: The Bible of Orthodox SpiritualityAuthor Anthony M Coniaris –

Great service This book serves as a synopsis of Philokalia it is a wonderful introduction to the great themes of Orthodox spirituality It marries together contemporary and ancient writers around the main chapters making the writings incredibly accessible A very sensitive, beautiful and motivating read. Great for a laugh Sums up all the important points of the heart and terminology of Orthodox Spirituality For beginners and advanced Great overview. Brings The Orthodox Spirituality Of The Philokalia Out Of The Monastery Into Everyday Living Addresses The Relevance Today Of The Subjects Covered By The Fathers Of The Philokalia, Ie Vigilance Nepsis , Ascesis, Overcoming The Passions, Etc It Is Not A Book For Theologians But For The Average Orthodox Lay Person Fr Harakas Writes, Those Who Read This Book Will Come To A Deepening Of Their Spiritual Life Their Heart Will Be Touched, Moved, And Warmed X Pages Nd Printing An excellent guide to Orhodoxy and the bible. Prior to my purchase I was expecting yet another too serious spiritual book, however, I found this to be a beautiful book that renewed my spiritual life It has a simple way to follow an admonition to prayer without ceasing This is a marvelous book to renew self spirit and seriously getting closer to God The Philokalia is a wellspring of spiritual truth and guidance This book is a worthy guide to its themes and its aim a deeper spiritual life in step with God With numerous quotes from the ancients mingled with careful reflection, the truths and methods that have sustained the faithful are explained and nurtured Richness is too limited a word for what is found in this book.