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Here Is A Genuinely Different And Practical Book For The Inquirer And Potential Convert To Orthodox Christianity It Is Different In A Number Of Ways, All Of Which Commend This Volume To Wide Use By Pastors Whose Task It Is To Introduce The Members Of Their Inquirers Classes To An Orthodox Way Of Life Which Will Touch Their Lives In A Full And Complete Way Fr Stanley Harakas Chapters Include What We Believe About The One Apostolic Church, The Nicene Creed, Jesus, The Holy Trinity, The Divine Liturgy, Salvation, The Church Fathers, The Church Year, Symbols, The Sacraments, The Saints And The Theotokos, Life After Death, The Bible, Icons, Prayers For The Dead, And Prayer Recently Translated In Korean And Romanian

5 thoughts on “Introducing the Orthodox Church: Its Faith and Life

  1. 14th-century.se Customer 14th-century.se Customer says:

    I was curious about the teachings of the Eastern church This book provides a comprehensive summary, and explains when appropriate some of the for differences differences between Orthodox and Roman doctrines While the Roman church too often has moved away from and added to Biblical doctrines, those of the Eastern church have preserved and adhered much closely to the doctrines of the apostles and hence the truly catholic universal foundation on which our Lord built His church Of course some Eastern teachings are different from the thoughts and practices of western protestant, but Coniaris provides satisfying explanations for those differences His explanation of the background and reasons for depicting icons on the walls of buildings is intriguing they provide a visual portrayal of God s plan of salvation and thus proclaim the Good News for those who aren t able to read the written Scriptures To God be the glory.

  2. Connor Blackthorne Connor Blackthorne says:

    This was the first book I was given when I became interested in Orthodox Christianity, and, as a convert, I do go back from time to time for a refresher in the basics Easy to read and understand and at the same time engaging and keeps one s attention I bought it on Kindle for a friend with vision problems even though I still have my original paperback copy.

  3. GT GT says:

    Best introduction to the Eastern Orthodox faith you ll find I give this away by the dozens It s written in people speak yet gives one a great foundation in the faith Coniaris uses a lot of picture words to explain things Great for any age group.

  4. Clint Eckert Clint Eckert says:

    As someone trying to discern if the Orthodox Church is where I belong I have found this book extremely valuable It answers questions of faith in depth and detail I especially liked the chapter about Divine Liturgy It goes over all the symbolism and tells why thing are done as they are I am no expert but I feel everyone thinking about conversion should read this book.

  5. T. B. 193 T. B. 193 says:

    Here it is the simple Orthodoxy 101 Guide to understanding Orthodoxy It isn t complex and it is VERY Readable Conifers is a genius and a true servant of God.