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In this classic tale of adventure, a young American sea captain named James Riley, shipwrecked off the western coast of North Africa in , was captured by a band of nomadic Arabs and sold into slavery Thus begins an epic adventure of survival and a quest for freedom that takes him across the Sahara desert This dramatic account of Captain Riley s trials and sufferings sold that one million copies in his day and was even read by a young and impressionable Abraham Lincoln The degradations of a slave existence and the courage to survive under the most harrowing conditions have rarely been recorded with such painful honesty Sufferings in Africa is a classic travel adventure narrative and a fascinating testament of white Americans enslaved abroad, during a time when slavery flourished throughout the United States

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  1. A reader A reader says:

    From the moment I started reading the book to the point where I finished reading , I just could not control my emotions This book is absolutely captivating and a telling tale of the repugnant system of slavery Slavery in any form or practised by anyone, may it be by the whites on the blacks or vice versa, is equally repulsive and cruel In my opinion, slavery is the worst crime and cruelty that man can inflict upon his fellow beings, even worse than murder The narrative abilities of Capt Riley are quite extraordinary This is the most moving tale of suffering and redemption I have ever read When I first read the Dean King s version of this same story , I felt that was a master piece and certainly the original version with its archaic English may not be readable Boy was I wrong This book is a compulsive page turner and the emotions it evokes in its readers minds cannot be simulated, as this is a first hand account and that too of a sufferer Riley has put his heart into his writings and that cannot be reproduced in any copy A BIG THANKS TO THE LONG RIDERS GUILD PRESS as because of them we are able to read this classic It appears Abe Lincoln was so impressed by this book that he decided to abolish slavery Thus this book was instrumental in bringing about one of the the biggest social changes in US history with far reaching effects.

  2. Jack L. Boyle Jack L. Boyle says:

    This publication exposes many of the subhuman characteristics of much of the North African Arab population both centuries ago and even today in 2015.

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    Great read Thanks