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Wonderful Anne Catherine Emmerich Born Of Poor Parents In Northern Germany, Anne Emmerich Joined A Convent At The Age Of , After Years Of Working As A Seamstress And Servant As A Nun Of The Order Of St Augustine, She Eventually Was Confined To Her Bed Due To Failing Health She Spontaneously Displayed The Stigmata The Wounds Of Jesus On Her Hands And Side , And Was Subject To Extended Visions Of The Life Of Jesus Her Visions Were Recorded By The Poet Klemens Maria Brentano, And Published After Her Death In Three Books The Dolorous Passion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ , The Life Of The Blessed Virgin Mary , And The Life Of Our Lord She Has Been Pronounced Venerable By The Catholic Church, An Advanced Step On The Path To Sainthood Fantastic a glimpse into the hidden life and some amazing visions to supplement what we know from the Gospels Great for helping with meditation on the Rosary I can thoroughly recommend this. well pleased with item An excellent book to read Full of new details about the religious life of the past. Wonderful, enthralling encounter with the life of the Mother of God. I have read this book in Hard Copy and loaned it out only not to have it returned Never again.It is a remarkable book for lovers of The Blessed Virgin Mary it fills in alot of the blanks in the intimate life of the Holy Family Which increases a robust faith in the belief of the contents being read about.A Must for all devotees of The Virgin Mother. This book is simply beautiful to read,it tells the true story of our blessed mother,and all who read it and believe ,will surely be saved.