Free Best Alchemy and Mysticism (Klotz S.)Author Alexander Roob –

A fantastic book, well presented and not bulky in the slightest.A very interesting book when used in conjunction with symbology books. The Great Work Of The Alchemists A Fantastic Journey Through The History Of Esoteric Lore The Hermetic Museum Takes Its Readers On A Magical Mystery Tour Through The Labyrinths Of The Imagination, Spanning An Arc From The Mediaeval Cosmogram And Images Of Christian Mysticism, Through The Fascinating World Of Alchemy To The Art Of The Romantic Era The Enigmatic Hieroglyphs Of Cabbalists, Rosicrucians And Freemasons Are Shown To Be Closely Linked With The Early Scientific Illustrations In The Fields Of Medicine, Chemistry, Optics And Colour Theory This is a fantastic book well worth looking at Tons of photos of a myriad of artworks.Price for a quality hardback was very low on Recommended. Great book I liked this book very much It gathered painstakingly art related to alchemy and mysticism It also try to explain terminologies and brief references regarding symbolism used in these art pieces Perfect book for those who wants to take gist of what alchemy used to be in history. surprisingly interesting book very enlighting. A nice whistle stop tour of some symbolism allegory Really nice book for an eclectic coffee table but not much detail of meaning. Very informative and the artwork presented in that book is simply amazing Highly recommended.