Free Audible A Beginner's Guide to Prayer: The Orthodox Way to Draw Nearer to GodAuthor Michael Keiser –

This Is A Book For Those Struggling To Establish An Effective Life Of Prayer Written Neither For Seasoned Monastic Nor Lofty Scholar, A Beginner S Guide To Prayer Speaks To The Average Man Or Woman On The Street Who Desires A Deeper Relationship With God But Is Unsure How Or Where To Begin Drawing From Nearly Years Of Orthodox Spiritual Wisdom, The Author Offers Warm, Practical, Pastoral Advice Whose Genius Is To Be Found In Its Homespun Simplicity And Straight Forwardness Of Style If You Ve Been Desiring To Make Prayer A Meaningful And Regular Part Of Your Life, This Book Will Help Set You On Your Way But Be Careful Prayer Can Be Habit Forming In Fact, The Advice Offered In This Book May Just Change The Course Of The Rest Of Your Life So, In The Words Of The Author, What Are You Waiting For Start To Pray

7 thoughts on “A Beginner's Guide to Prayer: The Orthodox Way to Draw Nearer to God

  1. orthcrg orthcrg says:

    Prayer is the key to living a Christian Life, unless and until one can pray, the purpose of life cannot be realised, this book is an essential help for a life of prayer

  2. James Brown James Brown says:

    very good it draws me closer to GOD

  3. Stuart Dunn Stuart Dunn says:

    This 100 page book gets to the heart of the matter quickly It starts with a very essential question of why we should pray and answers it beautifully with the words, We pray as a response to love, and we pray in order to love He then goes on to give practical advice of using the KISS method Keep it short and simple and setting up an icon corner in your house as a central point for prayer.In the two longest chapters, Mr Keiser deals with something we all struggle with when praying distractions and demons Distractions so far are the problem I have the most when praying I might be encountering demons I am unsure on that one, and don t want to speculate one way or the other But these are two things that we all struggle with and must be aware of and fighting against in order to pray effectively He also reminds us not to get too cocky in our prayer life, as that is a sure fire way to slip up and fall.Overall, I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars as it was a highly beneficial book to me, even though I am not Orthodox Christian The language is clear The message is solid And it is just the right length for beginners, though you can still get something out of it if you are an intermediate or advance prayer.

  4. D. Williams D. Williams says:

    For someone wanting a very short introduction into the Orthodox thoughts on prayer, this is a pretty good book to read.

  5. P. M Simon P. M Simon says:

    If you are a Christian and have a prayer life that is lacking,THE BEGINNER S GUIDE TO PRAYER is a first rate place to start understanding, get organized, and move forward in your prayer life.The Orthodox way is a different approach from either Porotestants or Catholics, the two Christian traditions we are most familiar with in the west As Archpriest Father George Sondergaard once told a class of Catechumens, You Protestants and Catholics think everying is either or sometimes it s both Thus it is with prayer the Orthodox way espoused herein by Father Michael introduces the reader to the concept and importance of having both formalized and personal prayer, that we may include ACTS Adoration, Contrition, Thanks, AND Supplication in our prayer lives, rather than just asking favors of the all holy Trinity.Since the last great Church father, St Symeon the New Theologian stressed the importance of a personal prayer life in addition to ritual prayer, it has been a vital component of Orthodoxy.Protestants may balk at some of what Orthodox pray, for they pray for the dead, pray to Saints, and ask the Blessed Mary for intercessions Yet, did not Mary intercede successfully to get her Son to change His mind at Canae Do you not believe that virtuous men and women who have gone on before are alive in Christ and just as capable of praying for you as the car mechanic or office clerk you wouldn t hesitate to ask to pray for you Don t you think that the Godhead exists in an eternal NOW where all is always unfolding and that thus you can pray effectively for those who have departed mortal life because their lives are yet unfolding before God This is the Orthodox way And this book is a great place to start learning all about it Not the sort of reading a monastic or cleric would benefit from, but certainly a great book for cradle Orthodox, Catechumens, converts and the curious.

  6. Diane Johnston Diane Johnston says:

    If you thought you knew how to truly pray you were wrong This is a step by step way to spend time time with Jesus, God, the Most Holy Spirit, and Our Blessed Mother This is how you life can be a prayer without words.

  7. canice canice says:

    Fr Michael presents much than simply a beginner s guide in this jewel of a little book It is practical, realistic, and humorous and contains great advice on developing a wholistic life around prayer rather than a compartmentalized one in which one simply includes prayer The idea is to do than pray The idea is to become prayer.Highly recommended