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Very enlightening Christ in the Psalms was originally published back in 2000 but has since been revised If you own the original, like myself, you will first notice a substantial introduction In this edition, Fr Reardon explains The Unity of the Bible, The Voices of the Psalter, and The First Three Psalms I never noticed this about the Psalms before, but the first three chapters form a theological outline for the whole book The other major changes occurred in Fr Reardon s commentary on Psalms 73, 75, 90, 94, and 106 Bear in mind this is the Septuagint numbering as the Septuagint Old Testament has 151 Psalms.As the title suggests, this book is a devotion commentary on the book of Psalms with Jesus as the light by which to read them With a commentary for each chapter, this book is just over 300 pages However, don t let the size of this book intimidate you Each commentary is only 1 page front and back, making it both manageable and enjoyable to read at your own pace I recommend reading a Psalm and commentary in the morning and one at night Using this schedule, one can make it through the book in other 3 months, but one a day is also a good reading pace.It is easy to read some Psalms and see how they relate to Jesus, like Psalm 23 Psalm 22 in the Septuagint However, don t think that this is just merely The Good Shepherd Psalm Fr Reardon provides further insight that one may have never noticed before In the 23rd Psalm, one can also see the Sacraments of Initiation Baptism, Eucharist, and Chrismation Confirmation That explanation blew my mind, and I will never look at Psalm 23 the same way again.This is a book you must have in your library I simply wish I could give it than 5 stars The only hard decision to make, when it comes to owning this book, would be if you own the original edition You will have to decide if the changes mentioned above are worth buying the revised edition I personally would, but that s just me Check out Fr Reardon s complementary title Christ in His Saints also available from Conciliar Press. I am sure that anyone who tries this book will find a fresh interest in the Psalms A book which will edify its readers. I returned it because i do not have kindle I bought it by mistake Just one click of the button and you get into buying something u do not want. In a time when many Christian traditions are opting to negate the Christological nature of the Pslams, Fr Patrick argues persuasively that the Pslams are the backbone to a proper understanding of the human condition, the heart of God, and the nature of Christ s incarnation Following the traditional exegetical method of understanding the Old Testament in light of the resurrection, Fr Patrick illuminates the psalter in a manner both academic and devotional Apart of Lewis s book on the psalms, there is really not much else out there of this quality in both regards.No previous knowledge of Greek or Hebrew is needed It is not an intimidating read at all and it is the type of book that you will want to read over and over through the seasons Very highly recommended I have read many books in an effort to better understand the Psalms, but this is far and away my favorite The author reveals a good deal of wisdom in each psalm When I reached the 151st Psalm I was considering going through the book again and reading much slower, reflectively That ll be for the next reading 151st Psalm, yes, you read it right Apparently there are 151 Psalms in the Septuagint and Reardon is an Orthodox priest. Christ in the Psalms is one of the rare books that one can consider a true blessing to have read It gives the reader a lot of spiritual meat to chew on, and yet it is entirely readable and accessable Erudite without being academic Spiritual without being maudlin Entirely orthodox and filled with dry wit and wry observations Sometimes a passage was like a hand on the shoulder whispering kindly advice in my ear other passages sharp but much needed criticism Simply outstanding At a time when I had a very poor spiritual director and so much unhappiness in the seminary, Fr Reardon provided sorely needed mercy and respite through his book.I have read this book twice, and in two ways First, cover to cover, but in two or three chapter bits as an aid to meditation in chapel The other way was skipping from psalm to psalm as I progressed through the Roman Catholic Liturgy of the Hourspraying the Psalms of the hour and then reading Fr Reardon s commentary on the Psalms just prayed.As I write this review, I cannot help but to think of the words of the Disciples on the road to Emmaeus Did not our hearts burn within us he opened the Scriptures to us Perhaps the best thing I can say about the book is that it showed me the love and friendship of Christ in ways I had not known before Therefore, I am compelled to recommend it to you and hope that you will get as much out of it as I did. Nothing less than outstanding This is a great book which is the result of a mature understanding of the Psalms, as a prophetic expression of the faith The reader would get a complementary teaching on the Psalms by reading this book. The Psalms Run Like A Golden Thread Through The Beautiful Garment Of Orthodox Worship In Addition To Inspiring The Public Prayer Of The Church, The Psalms Are An Indispensable Part Of The Private Devotions Of All Who Seek A Closer Relationship With GodMost Important, However, The Psalms Point Toward The Ultimate Liberation Of Humanity From Sin, Death And Despair Through Jesus ChristFather Pat Reardon, Drawing On His Long Experience As An Episcopal, And Then As A Priest In The Orthodox Church, Has Produced A Work Of Depth And Devotion He Rightly Understands That One Cannot Truly Probe The Deep Meaning Of The Psalms Unless One Understands Them In The Light Of The Redemption Brought By ChristHe Provides The Fresh And Intensely Personal Insights Of A Pastor To The Study Of The Book Of Psalms Every Now And Then A Book Comes Along That Is A Small Classic Here Is Such A Book Elegantly Written, Deceptively Simple, And Utterly Absorbing Father Addison Hart, Priest, Newman Center, Northern Illinois University