The Tao Te Ching (Element Classics of World Spirituality S.) eBook –

I think this is the most beautiful translation of this book It is poetic without being cheesy It really communicates the meaning of the original So many translations feel stilted or forced This flows so sweetly It is one of my favorite books to give as a gift. Bought it for my mom, she loves the beauty of the book The pictures, the easy to read format A must buy for any fan of Lao Tzu. good condition I checked out this translation of and old way of Eastern Philosophy and have always loved this one better that others it was no longer at libary at one point and could not remember which translation it was however remember the cover and had it I was so grateful to have this it is one of my favorite books It is a book to ponder it s Wisdom Very pleased with book Arrived very quickly. Available For The First Time In A Handy, Easy To Use Size, Here Is The Most Accessible And Authoritative Modern English Translation Of The Ancient Chinese Classic This New Vintage Edition Includes An Introduction And Notes By The Well Known Writer And Scholar Of Philosophy And Comparative Religion, Jacob Needleman