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Father Spyridon Invites The Reader To Confront The Reality Of Their Own Death Through The Ancient Truths Of The Orthodox Church He Demonstrates How Only When We Have A True Understanding Of Death Can We Begin To Discover And Live Out The Purpose Of Our Existence He Dispels Many Modern Myths Concerning Purgatory, The Rapture, Judgement, The Soul, Heaven And Hell, Angels And Many Though Deeply Spiritual, Trampling Down Death By Death Offers A Pragmatic Approach To The Reality Of Our Mortality

9 thoughts on “Trampling Down Death By Death

  1. Eclectic Reader Eclectic Reader says:

    This book has been incredibly helpful to me I come from a Universalist background, and the teachings of the mainstream Churches have always been very difficult for me on this subject This book, lays out the theology of the Orthodox faith on these matters, in a concise, easy digestible, compassionate, yet erudite way This book is the first from a mainstream Christian denomination that satisfactorily answers the big questions for me, and in short shows the teachings of the Church, before legalism and harshness detracted from the original beauty of the faith The reality of hell as the risk of separation from God is certainly present, but throughout the book the love of God shines through The God shown here is not the angry God of some protestant sects, who must be appeased by penal substitution This is a very different theology indeed The revelation that has had the most profound impact on me personally is that of the Communion of the Saints love does not end at physical death, and even then love and prayer can move mountains I am happy to say that partly through this book, a visit to a Coptic Church, the conversion of a good friend, and other small but frequent signs, that I am now at the beginning of a jouney towards the Orthodox faith myself Highly recommended along with other books by the same author.

  2. K. Evans K. Evans says:

    This is a profound book that made me understand death, and especially my own death, in a way that isn t frightening Bailey gives insight into why we die and what happens to us after death which is mind blowing stuff He also makes it clear what the original Church believed about judgement which I didn t fully understand before reading this I m very grateful for having read this book, if helped me understand why death is such an important part of our life and how life only makes sense when we think about its end The stuff on anges was stunning but I really liked the grief and funeral sections which helped me come to terms with a lot of things Thank you.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    This book is one of the best books I have ever read Orthodoxy explained very well I couldn t put it down Once again, Fr Spyridon helps us understand the reality of Christian orthodoxy, the here and now, and everything just clicks into place.

  4. Peter Bowler Peter Bowler says:

    This is a must read that will give you a better and deeper perspective of life and death 5 stars just aren t enough.

  5. KP KP says:

    I am new to Orthodoxy, and found Father Spyridon on YouTube His teachings on YouTube have been so helpful that I decided to buy this book I am glad I did because it answers many questions about dying and life after death Questions that I have been seeking answers to for many years Father Spyridon answers these questions in a way that is easy to understand, even for someone new to Orthodoxy like myself It s a book that I will be returning to again because it brings comfort and hope.

  6. C. Valery C. Valery says:

    Another excellent book by Father Spyridon I would highly recommend this book for anyone interested in Orthodoxy.

  7. Sophia Sophia says:

    Clear and concise You will be feeding your soul with these words May God s grace be upon all who yearn for him.

  8. G Price G Price says:

    Excellent I will read this again and again and take it to heart Many, many thanks, Father Spyridon Father, bless

  9. Customer Customer says:

    I had come into contact with Father Spyridon previously through his YouTube channel, where he always seems to post relevant and soul piercing commentary and sermons.Glory be to God, I thank our Lord that He graces Father Spyridon with such an intellect that he is able to take the teachings passed down by the Church and its Fathers and present it with such clarity.For anyone looking to understand the mysteries of life and death, and what is to come for every man, this book is a valuable resource and tool for the learning and contemplation of these things.Glory to the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity one in essence and undivided, amen.