Showings Of Julian Of Norwich: A New Translation –

This would not be for everyone for folks who want the traditional and obviously Christian rendering Mirabai Starr specializes in creating translations that are both true to a word but allows the text to be open to people reading who are on other paths and who might not be able to relate to the Christian language and metaphors I like to read her works with a traditional translation too and see what she has shifted a bit Her books on Julian and also John of the Cross and Theresa of Avila are ones I have given to Buddhist, Hindu and Spiritual Eclectic friends who have been moved by the wisdom that they had not known existed in the Christian tradition She is very accessible and may lead someone to then check out the conventional renderings. Okay translation and interpretation Best used as a text for a class on either Christian mystics or specifically upon Julian of Norwich Worthy of entertaining her visions For me, it does not matter if a person agrees or disagrees with Julian s conclusions regarding her visions The point is that there has been huge diversity in Christian thought for centuries And there is something to learn from those who push the outer boundaries. This medieval lady is suddenly getting a lot of attention about 600 years after the fact She is charming and surprisingly worldly in her deep spirituality She speaks to our time with a vibrancy other, famous church elders have lost.She would sit by her window in the convent and talk to passers by This gives her a grounding in the real world and its relation to a spiritual life She was also, early in life, a mother and wife Her great epiphany came as she lay dying and had visions showings which she later recorded, with her plain spoken commentary.She is a delight and has a growing fan base And justifiably so.This translation from Medieval English is supple and clear.Highly recommended. Mirabai Starr s wondrous expression of Julian s intensely personal visions enables readers to experience God in an extraordinary way It is as though she has inherited Julian s mantle and shares her understanding of the immediacy of divinity in our lives.All I knew about Julian before I read this book was the comforting adage All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well, which I quote to friends often What I was not aware of was what immediately precedes it and is generally translated as Sin is behovable, but Of course, the medieval word behovable would have stumped me anyway Julian had been fretting about sin I realized that nothing stood in my way except sin, which is the thing that stands in everyone s way Why wouldn t God, in his omniscience, have prevented sin when he created us What Julian beheld early in her showings is made extremely clear in Mirabai s version She interprets Jesus words thus Sin is inevitable, yet all will be well and all will be well and every kind of thing shall be well And she goes on to explain how this works It is amazing that I have never come across this teaching before. A Fresh And Contemporary Translation Of One Of The Best Loved And Influential Mystical Texts Of All Time, The Showings Of Julian Of Norwich Brings The Message And Spirituality Of This Th Century Mystic To St Century ReadersJulian Of Norwich, A Contemporary Of Geoffrey Chaucer, Was An English Anchoress In East Anglia At The Age Of , Suffering From A Severe Illness And Believing She Was On Her Deathbed, Julian Had A Series Of Intense Visions Of Jesus, Which She Recorded And Then Expanded On Later In Her LifeHer Message For Today S Readers Is Simply This She Reveals The Feminine Face Of The Divine And Reminds Us To SeeGod ThereAll Our Failings Are An Opportunity To Learn And Grow That They Should Be Honored, But Not Dwelled UponGod S Love Has Nothing To Do With Love And Retribution And Everything To Do With Love And CompassionIn Spite Of All Appearances, All Is Well