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Argues For The Appropriateness Of Earth Centered Religion, And Supports The Adoption Of Native American Spiritual Practices By Persons Of Any Ancestry

2 thoughts on “One Spirit Many Peoples: Manifesto for Earth Spirituality

  1. leeloo leeloo says:

    Anything Harrod Buhner writes is worth reading and pouring over for weeks to get yourself immersed in it,and his strong, strong, strong spirit that comes through in all his books Whether he is writing about literature or herbs, plants and healing you can feel him in all his sparse words Having said that I must say that not a word is used to make his point that is not necessary a great writer If he writes I will read it.Literally I love him and his wordsmithery Even when he is not using his words but quoting someone else he is the master of wordsmithery Try him out he has a large cache of books he has authored This review applies to all his books especially his Ensouling Language for want to be writers, he is dead on.

  2. Darrell F. Koerner Darrell F. Koerner says:

    In One Spirit Many Peoples, Stephen Buhner has written a book that needed to be written Taken from his own personal experience, Buhner writes of the conflicting views centered around Native American spiritual traditions, and both the seeking out of those traditions by many non natives, and the sharing and withholding of ritual and ceremonies by American Indians Buhner gets to the heart of the matter, as he notes that he and his wife both have come under attack from Indian groups who oppose any sharing of native spiritual traditions he describes some of his own spiritual awakenings, and provides quotes, profiles and histories regarding views from native elders and others over this issue In the end, Buhner sees the conflict as one between what he calls The Colonizing Mind, or The Machine Mind, and The Indigenous Mind, or a mind concerned foremost with earth centered spirituality It is fair to say that Buhner feels the universalist approach, as opposed to one of separation, would do to heal ourselves and the earth at this time It s a fascinating and provocative book, one which I hope will elicit response from a lot of people, natives and non natives Great reading.