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Twenty years ago, Carey Price was flying hundreds of miles across the country so he could play on the nearest organized hockey team Today, he is the highest paid goalie in the NHL But he s never forgotten where he started The son of an NHL draftee and the chief of the Ulkatcho First Nation, Carey got his start on skates as a toddler The natural athlete went on to become the top amateur player in Canada in , getting drafted fifth overall by the Montreal Canadiens three years later Now one of the most recognizable figures in hockey, Carey credits his success to his community of Anahim Lake, where hard work and commitment often face off against remoteness and cost Throughout his incredible career, he s taken every opportunity possible to encourage all young people, especially those who share his Indigenous background, to follow their dreams Journal

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    This is a remarkably well researched biography of Carey Price that will be of great interest to middle grade readers There s even enough to tempt and intrigue any adults who might be reading along A lot of information is packed into this book, making it suitable for avid readers, sports fans, and even reluctant readers The author describes Price s indigenous heritage and childhood in remote British Columbia, the close relationship between family members, his love of hockey and the development of his skills as a goalie Price s career in hockey from minor league games to the NHL, as well as his participation in the Olympics, World Cups and Championships are also described It s not just a list of achievements, however over 16 chapters, Catherine Rondina captures the various struggles that Carey Price has overcome to become the star goalie he is today By examining several aspects of Price s life, and by weaving in quotes from newspaper and magazine interviews, Rondina gives the reader a better sense of Carey Price the person, and not just Price the goalie.Catherine Rondina explains many hockey terms within the book, which is useful for readers who may be new to the game or unfamiliar with hockey s unique vocabulary As part of the Carey Price story, she also explains how players are selected for the NHL and the farm system teams use to give players greater experience This will be of interest to those kids who may not be interested in player statistics, but are fascinated by how the system operates.The extra material included in the book add a lot of extra value to this biography s Look Inside feature shows just one of the many photos that are found within this book In addition to the usual pictures of Price, other photos show Anahim Lake and its school, various ceremonies, museum displays and historical NHL images Sidebars include interesting tidbits of information e.g How goalies get injured fathers, sons and grandsons who played in the NHL see the attached image for an example A glossary, a list of career highlights, and an index round out the extra content.

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    My bad for not realizing this was a child s book I read it anyway, not a bad bio for a kid to read but all the sentences were the same length and some of the information was spotty hard to follow.

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    Bought for our son a huge Carey Price fan and he enjoyed it

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    An important story beautifully.told

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    My son liked it

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    My son loved this book

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    easy and quick interesting read