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None Of The Fathers Of The Early Church Is Better Known Or Loved Than St John Chrysostom, And None Of His Works Is Popular Than On The Priesthood Its Stylistic Brilliance Demonstrates The Appropriateness Of St John S Enduring Title, The Golden Mouthed Yet The Rhetorical Eloquence Of The Work Is Not Simply Camouflage For Lack Of Substance As Graham Neville Observes In His Introduction, Chrysostom Had A Mind Both Practical And Idealistic, That Brought Into Close Connection The Evils And Injustices Of The World And The Perfection Of Moral Life Demanded By The Gospel

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  1. Customer Customer says:

    words that will only continue to enrich and envelope all those who are seeking such a glorious truth in our world

  2. Forrest L. Kirk Forrest L. Kirk says:

    I am writing a pastoral theology for chaplains in a medical center environment and this book provides reflection on how over clergy addressed spiritual problems The advice is timeless and I have been amazed at how people have remained the same even in modern time This work is figuring significantly into my work.

  3. Mark Marmon Mark Marmon says:

    Excellent prequel to any Seminarian studies As we look back to our origins, we can see the progress of the church in modern society, and understand what it means to be in the position that Clergy are expected to represent.

  4. Eddie Boyer Eddie Boyer says:

    Classic unique conversation on the priesthood and ministry.

  5. Michael E Klos Michael E Klos says: