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Excerpts from Thoreau s Walden highlight his belief in the inherent value of living life in harmony with nature

2 thoughts on “Henry David's House

  1. Corinne H. Smith Corinne H. Smith says:

    Henry David Thoreau describes his cabin, how he built it, and a little bit of his life in it, in these selected excerpts from _Walden_ Peter Fiore s exquisite paintings provide vibrant accompaniment to each quotation The result is a beautiful picture book any Thoreau fan would be proud to own.I m not sure that its target audience should be very young children If kids pull this one off the shelf, the meaning of the words will be lost on them, and the artwork that goes along with the text won t build the story on its own Though full of the Walden spirit, this book isn t as engaging to the youngest readers as D B Johnson s similar _Henry Builds a Cabin_ or _Henry Hikes to Fitchburg_ Perhaps its best use would be as a multigenerational preface to Thoreau s work, with teacher student or parent child combinations reading the book together _Henry David s House_ could introduce middle school and high school students to the literary and scientific portions of _Walden_ and could serve as a first step in their acquaintance with the author Teens and pre teens may balk at being read to, but they re also visual learners who are at an age to appreciate the presentation here And if it inspires them to pick up Thoreau s classic to read for themselves, so much the better.

  2. Susan E. Josephson Susan E. Josephson says:

    Purchased for my classroom in an effort to introduce my students to the ideals of Thoreau in regard to nature and the environment Great book, fun story