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Robert Lax Was A Poet, Hermit, Sage, And Peacemaker Thomas Merton Said Of Lax, He Had A Natural, Instinctive Spirituality, An Inborn Direction To The Living God Jack Kerouac Called Him A Pilgrim In Search Of Beautiful Innocence A Native Of New York, Lax Graduated From Columbia University In With A Degree In English Literature After Much Wandering He Traveled To Greece Where He Made Patmos, Isle Of The Revelation, His Spiritual And Creative Workshop There He Quietly Resided For Over Three Decades, Writing The Ascetic And Experimental Verse That Would Rank Him Among America S Greatest Poets, A True Minimalist Who Can Weave Awesome Poems From Remarkably Few Words New York Times Book ReviewIn The Beginning Was Love Is A Unique Introduction To Lax As Contemplative These Spiritual Selections, Mostly Gathered From His Poems And Journals, Portray Lax As A Mystic Filled With A Deep Love For Both Creator And Creation

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  1. Jason Walker Jason Walker says:

    A gorgeous mix of Lax s prose and poetry in a pocket sized edition

  2. Country person Country person says:

    A good selection of Mr Lax s writings, each page worthy of contemplation, nurturing our love and peace.

  3. Wayne Douglass Wayne Douglass says:

    Enjoyed the many very thoughtful written pieces Thank you Book received timely and in excellent condition.

  4. diane tetrault diane tetrault says:

    Inspired by this man s didication.

  5. Jim Forest Jim Forest says:

    Of the remarkable people I have been lucky enough to know, Bob Lax had a special magnetism He was one of the great poets of his generation yet no great poet was less a self promoter Much like a desert monk, he fled from the spotlight His last hiding place was the Greek island of Patmos That so much of his work was published in his lifetime is due not to Lax seeking public notice as to admirers of his work putting it into print via small presses Steve Georgiou s new book, In the Beginning was Love, is the latest case in point Georgiou has created a beautifully assembled patchwork quilt of Lax s writing plus an outstanding introduction to Lax s life and work For those new to Lax, this is an excellent starting point Those who already treasure Lax will appreciate the selections and their ordering.