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Hannah Szenes grew up in a loving home filled with books, plays, and music Unfortunately, the rise of the Nazis in her native Hungary forced Hannah to immigrate to Palestine, where she became an ardent Zionist pioneer Haunted by the murder of the Jews by Hitler, she risked her own life to become a resistance fighter, vowing to save as many Jewish lives as possible This is the true, tragic story of a young girl who gave her life in the struggle to save the doomed Jews of Europe

1 thoughts on “Hannah Szenes: A Song of Light

  1. M. Whitehead M. Whitehead says:

    The book was well written but I found myself getting very angry at the girl who was so willful and selfish I cannot call a girl a hero when her actions led her to disobey direct orders from her military commanders and ultimately drag yes, drag other people into her glorious plan to rescue Jews from her hometown No Jews were rescued All of the members of her rescue party were captured, even her own mother was imprisoned because of her Bad girl