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Taken Together, These Three Volumes Represent A Basic English Language Reference Book Of Patristic Works Volume Ends Circa Volume Concludes With Julian Of Eclanum D Volume Ends With St John Of Damascene D

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  1. Shopper 1 Shopper 1 says:

    Proves that the early church fathers believed in the Roman Catholic Faith, and that the other Christian sects are not Christian at all One Lord, One FAITH, One Baptism

  2. Michael F Michael F says:

    For years I have been using DVD s plus a variety of books while trying to establish what the Early Fathers taught on specific topics It was a hit and miss process that often resulted in misses even after many laborious hours of research Now, with this 3 volume guide to the Faith of the Early Fathers the answers to such queries are at hand, thanks to the impressive, systematic analyses carried out by the author, William A Jurgens.

  3. Revd. R.H.N.Robb Revd. R.H.N.Robb says:

    Excellent volumes which give substantial quotations from the Fathers on the great doctrine of the Catholic Faith A must for students of the Early Church.

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  5. Cheryl-Lee McPhillie Cheryl-Lee McPhillie says:

    What a fantastic set of patristic writing Each book is laid out chronologically and have a doctrinal index included Personally, I prefer the chronological layout They aren t too bulky and the print is not too bad on my eyes.I wanted to buy Patrology 4 Volumes but this was a cheaper alternative which does not disappoint in the slightest A fantastic addition to my ever growing Catholic apologetics library.Volume 1 is the Pre Nicene and Nicene eras, volume 2 is the Post Nicene era through to Saint Jerome and volume 3 is from Saint Augustine to the end of the patristic era These books are perfect for anyone serious about learning about the Early Church and the Church Fathers

  6. Dave Kinsella Dave Kinsella says:

    I bought these books as a further tool for quick reference to the Church Fathers The only problem is that they are arranged chronologically rather than topically There is a theological index in the back but it is, in my opinion, sorely lacking The first topic I wanted to look up wasn t listed I don t remember now what it was.That said this is still an important work for those interested in the Church Fathers or early Christianity Another resource I would recommend, though not without it s own biases, is David Bercot sDictionary of Early Christian Beliefs It is arranged topically, but only deals with the Ante Nicene period It does unfortunately leave out a few key verses on topics the author does not agree with intercession of the saints.Ultimately no one resource will meet all the needs of the reader, and the best thing yet is to read the writings of the Church Fathers for yourself Though labour intensive it is.