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One Of The Foremost Expositors Of Sufi Teachings, Fakhruddin Iraqi Was One Of The Greatest Of Persian Poets His Masterpiece, Divine Flashes, Is A Classic Expression Of Sufi Love Mysticism

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  1. hadibib hadibib says:

    Written from the innermost depth of the Soul Illuminating for the Heart.Skip the explanations , they will just bring you back into your mind trying to understand what your soul has already grasp in her eternal knowing.

  2. Samuel Bailey Samuel Bailey says:

    I ve been aware of this Paulist Press title for many years, but had expected a dry, academic study that would chafe at my own preference for texts that transmit a living, palpable baraka spiritual magnetism , therefore it took a few decades to get around to finally ordering a copy Now, I wish I hadn t waited so long The book is deep, and filled with beauty As well, both the translation and scholarship are well up to the high standards one would expect from any of the books in this famous Paulist Press series Classics of Western Spirituality.Fakhruddin Iraqi Divine Flashes Classics of Western Spirituality

  3. Peter Krones Peter Krones says:

    This ancient text, from a follower in the Sufi school of Ibn Arabi, is a wonderfully done combination of translation and text The history of this master, with the major concepts he is working in, was fascinating, though it takes study This sets the stage for the flashes themselves, which are further explained, adding depth, in a later commentary section The poetry may not appeal to those who want the accessibility and lyric beauty of Rumi but they are quite beautiful and moving I find reading The Divine Flashes an excellent way to enter meditation.

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  5. Matthew Matthew says:

    Purchased this to add to my Classics of Western Spirituality collection When I get around to reading it, probably years from now, I ll probably review it then.

  6. Peacock Eye Peacock Eye says:

    Fakhruddin Iraqi 1213 1289 was already in his time a famous Sufi poet gnostic, who was particularly gifted in expressing the mysteries of Union in the language of love He lived during the thirteenth century at the peak of the revival of Islamic spirituality, and was contemporary with such figures as Ibn Arabi, Jalaluddin Rumi and Shams Tabrizi, Sadruddin Qunawi, Najmuddin Kubra, and Kermani Iraqi may be considered as one of the fideli d A of Persian Sufism, gnostics who considered love as the foundation of transcendent awareness, such as Mansur al Hallaj, Ahmad Ghazzali, Ayn al Qodhat Hamdhani, Ruzbihan Baqli, and Shihabuddin Suhrawardi Divine Flashes is his prose masterpiece, in which he re wrote, in the language of love, the Fusus al Hikam lit The Seals of the Wisdoms of Ibn al Arabi Each Flash of Iraqi corresponds with a Seal of Wisdom of Ibn al Arabi After his death, Iraqi was buried, at his request, beside the tomb of Ibn al Arabi in Damascus.Through the Lama at Divine Flashes , the theoshophy of Ibn al Arabi was recreated and integrated into the Persion poetic tradition, and its influence on later poets cannot be overestimated.Moreover, according to Sadruddin Qunawi, spiritual heir and stepson of Ibn al Arabi, Iraqi, you have published the secret of men s words The Lama at is in truth the pith of the Fusus I like this text very much, although I had to struggle with this book I think that the layout could be a little better I have solved this by doing the following type out the main text in my computer while leaving out less important sentences cut the sentences into a general poetry format Only then could I easily go through the text I gaze at the glass which reveals my beautyand see the universe but an image of that image.In the paradise of theophany I am the Sun marvel notthat every atom becomes a vehicle of my manifestation What are the Holy Spirits The delegates of my secret and the shapes of men The vessels of my bodily form.World encircling Ocean A drop of my overflowing effusion purest Light But a spark of my illumination This book is a must read, must own for anyone seriously interested in its subject I keep returning to it, and should have rated it 5 stars.