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marvellous book by fascinating man Rav Kook is the greatest Jewish thinker in the last 200 years because he most fully understands the spiritual crisis of the modern Jew Although there were a number of dynamic Jewish religious leaders who took up the mantle of leadership in order to rebuild the shattered remnants of the Jewish world in the wake of the Holocaust such as the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik and the Satmar Rov, their message was basically directed at a relatively small group of Jews Rav Kook has a message for the entire Jewish people His great contributions were 1 to emphasize the dynamic nature of both the spiritual and physical worlds, and, one the one hand, tell the traditional religious Jew that the Torah is flexible and can stand up to the challenges of modernity and change, while on the other hand demonstrating the perpetual relevance of the Torah to the Jew who has a less than full commitment to it and 2 to demonstrate the absolute necessity of the Jewish people to return to the Land of Israel and build a modern society rooted in the Torah This fine book gives a sampling of these ideas and is a good introduction to the mind of this remarkable thinker. A friend recommended Kook and I must say I wasn t that receptive But he is great he has a way of simplifying things, and yet, not losing the nuances The chapter on love should be required reading for anyone getting married or having children A very wise, generous man A book anyone from any religion would enjoy. Purchased this to add to my Classics of Western Spirituality collection When I get around to reading it, probably years from now, I ll probably review it then. Abraham Isaac Kook has had the Theophany It is evident in his writing It informs it He has been reduced to nothing and raised up His error and sin have been made whole, they have become the garments by which he understood his nakedness.He has seen the same world made new Here, even the shadows are golden.The Union has been made in him He has spanned the abyss He has stood in the presence of Angels He has proved the Divine He has witnessed And he serves the whole with his testimony.His writing is accessible to everyone, all will benefit from it Yet only a sweet few will cry tears of joy and affirmation For our memories, this friendship will last forever.To anyone interested in the miracle of being, I recommend this text Don t waste time drinking from other men s buckets Kook offers up the source Drink freely, borrow his eyes. When this anthology of Rav Kook s writings came out in 1978, there was very little of Rav Kook s thought that had been translated into English Bokser provided a wonderful service for the English speaking world.The fact is that Rav Kook, even in the original Hebrew, is not easy to understand But I found Bokser s translation made it even harder to grasp the ideas that Rav Kook was trying to convey In the past 30 some years, a number of excellent translations and readible adaptations of Rav Kook s writings have been produced I foundGold from the Land of Israel A New Light on the Weekly Torah Portion from the Writings of Rabbi Abraham Isaac HaKohen Kookto be an excellent inroduction to Rav Kook s thought, with short accessible essays on the weekly Torah portion.Also recommended Orotby Rabbi Bezalel Naor but it s out of print , andSong of Teshuvah A Commentary on Rav Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook s Oros HaTeshuvahrecent translation and commentary on Lights of Repentence. The Chief Rabbi Of Palestine Prior To The Establishment Of The State Of Israel, Kook Represents The Renewal Of The Jewish Mystical Tradition In Modern Times