[PDF] Beginnings: Ancient Christian Readings of the Biblical Creation Narratives By Peter C. Bouteneff – Biorganicenergy.co

This is a very comprehensive, tightly written, examination of Early Orthodox Christian Fathers interpretations of the Genesis narrative Makes several cogent points and informative insights into the Early Church s use of Genesis narratives.Will mainly be of interest to academic theologians and seminarians Not for casual lay reader.See detailed review see here. What Are We Missing When We Look At The Creation Narratives Of Genesis Only Or Primarily Through The Lens Of Modern Discourse About Science And Religion Theologian Peter Bouteneff Explores How Firstmillennium Christian Understandings Of Creation Can Inform Current Thought In The Church And In The Public Square He Reaches Back Into The Earliest Centuries Of Our Era To Recover The Meanings That Early Jewish And Christian Writers Found In The Stories Of The Six Days Of Creation And Of Adam And Eve In The Garden Of Eden Readers Will Find That Their Forbears In The Faith Saw In The Genesis Narrative Not Simply An Account Of Origins But Also A Rich Teaching About The Righteousness Of God, The Saving Mission Of Christ, And The Destiny Of The Human Creature Bouteneff does a very nice job of introducing readers to important figures from the history of early Christianity and their individual treatments of the six day creation narrative in Genesis 1 and the paradise narrative in Genesis 2 3 Reading the book requires some mental investment, but Bouteneff doesn t presume any prior knowledge of the writers whose work he surveys, and he explains the most important technical terms Bouteneff references Greek words occasionally, but you don t need to know Greek to understand and appreciate the book.I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in the history of early Christian approaches to the Bible It s especially timely for readers who want to know whether early Christian leaders took Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 3 literally The short answer is no, or at least not entirely For the longer answer, read this book. Very understandable writing style and content of a complex subject Profound insights into early Christian readings of Genesis, with very important implications for the contemporary discussion of the origins of humanity and all of nature Persons of faith who have grown weary of the stale creation evolution debate will love this book.