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Sometimes we need reminding that the nature of music has deep roots in a spirituality,even if for now that is an undefined one Think of any composers and you will find some inner being at work, some compelling spectre, an illdefined, undefined entity which demands the pen to continue making music,commanding it Harvey here is a seminal figure which unites both these worlds, and has a grasp of the realms which interbreed, the spirit the abstract with the tangible, music,sounds and silences This work is also pedagogical,like a lecture, Harvey brings us by steps through his work, and others, Stockhausen makes an entrance.Slowly then we begin to understand his own music, as well as those undefined particles on experiencing music,yet feel something has escaped us Harvey defines many functional areas,sadly to say know very little, like spectralism A means of defining the inner presence of harmonies, the particles which constitute a sound This thinking emanates from IRCAM, the multi million dollar institute in Paris, where Harvey has worked since the early Eighties Spectralism has indeed become a fashionable movement in the cloistered parts of the new music scene in Europe.But for us it is indeed wonderful when a creator is able to reflect on their work, and with an affinity of articulation for it Here Harvey runs through the concepts which animates his work and fosters this unity with the spirit The concept of stasis seems to be an ubiquitous one from the bleak world of repetitive minimalism,now dead, to the music Harvey engages Might I add World Music seems a frequent and powerful player here with Western composers, the use of alternate tuning,Asian instruments, and newly made ones as well have engaged a great dialogue between East and West Stasis is simply like a drone in a simplified form, but there are other sophisticate ways of maintaining a non movement I believe this non movement is what engages the mind to reflection, quiets it in some circles There is also a Compact Disc which accompanies the lecture, with musical excerpts. The Interests Of The British Composer Jonathan Harvey Are Wide And Varied, Embracing Christianity, Buddhism, Eastern And Western Philosophy, Aesthetics, Science, And Mysticism All Affect His Musical Thinking And Are A Part Of This Text, Which Is Accompanied By A Compact Disc Featuring Works Discussed By The Author Harvey Explores Aspects Of Music That He Connects With Spirituality Self Identity, Ambiguity, Unity, Stasis, And Silence In The Course Of His Explorations He Offers Corroborating Statements About Music And Spirituality From Sources Ranging From Nietzsche To Oliver Sacks The Book And CD Include Samples Of His Own Music As Well As Of Compositions By Mozart, Scriabin, Stockhausen, And Others That Help To Illustrate The Profoundness Of What Harvey Deems The Good Listening Experience