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In this captivating memoir for young people, looking back with candor and affection, Condoleezza Rice evokes in rich detail her remarkable childhoodHer life began in the comparatively placid s in Birmingham, Alabama, where black people lived in a segregated parallel universe to their white neighbors She grew up during the violent and shocking s, when bloodshed became a part of daily life in the South Rices portrait of her parents, John and Angelena, highlights their ambitions and frustrations and shows how much they sacrificed to give their beloved only child the best chance for success Rice also discusses the challenges of being a precocious child who was passionate about music, ice skating, history, and current affairs Her memoir reveals with vivid clarity how her early experiences sowed the seeds of her political beliefs and helped her become a vibrant, successful womanCondoleezza Rice A Memoir of My Extraordinary, Ordinary Parents and Me is a fascinating and inspirational story for young people Includes apage photo insert

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