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One Of The Greatest Lyrical Poets In Spanish Of Any Age, St John Of The Cross Enjoys An Authoritative Status As A Theologian And Teacher Of The Mystical Road To Union With God This Full Length Study, Vividly Written In A Style Accessible To Contemporary Readers, Devotes A Separate Chapter To Each Of St John S Major Works, Citing The Original Spanish And Providing English Translations Throughout Looking For Connections Between His Verse And Prose, Colin Thompson Argues For A Theological Understanding Of The Intensely Beautiful And Moving Poems He Seeks To Explain The Principles That Guide St John In His Exploration Of The Self And Its Encounter With The Divine, And Provides An Analysis Of The Poet S Most Famous Symbol The Dark Night Of The Soul

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    In 1973 Colin P Thompson wrote a doctoral thesis examining the poetic structure and theology of St John s great work the Spiritual Canticle Although the work became a classic in Sanjuanist studies, Colin Thompson returned with a new and much longer book that gives a very holistic study of St John, his life, his poetry, his theology, and its relevance for today.As both a Professor of Spanish literature and lifelong scholar of St John, Colin Thompson s new work does not disappoint It contains some excellent new work on the life of St John, particularly the importance of his formative studies at the University of Salamanca where St John studied theology, philosophy, and spirituality Thompson shows how St John was a highly original thinker and extremely intelligent man in his own right, and not simply a blind follower of any single theological or philosophical tradition, and who was also highly creative and original in adapting material to suit what he wanted to express in his poetry and theology.The rest of Thompson s work is mainly focused on John s poetry and the underlying symbolism and theology At times Thompson gets a bit tedious by revelling too much in John s complex symbolism and drawing tenuous connections between some of John s ideas, but proposes a very useful schema for understanding St John s spiritual journey moving from a selfish, grasping and egoistic approach to creation, others and God that needs to be negated by ascetic practice and the purification of the nights , to the enlightened deified state where the blessed person in union of God receives everything back in a completely renewed and transformed manner, seeing all creation and things in God The beautiful lira of the final stanza of the Flame are used by Thompson to highlight this point.Thompson concludes that St John, despite being separated from us by five hundred years, still speaks vividly and relevantly to the human heart that desires freedom, truth and goodness Despite much misinterpretation of John at the hands of some of his commentators and hagiographers, Thompson shows vividly how St John can speak to contemporary issues from the treatment of women in contrast to many clerics St John seemed comfortable with women and had many as spiritual disciples , the proper relationship to creation St John urges respecting the created order rather than trying to dominate, destroy or exploit it and social justice St John grew up in a poor, impoverished background and ministered constantly to the sick, suffering and those at the margins This study brings St John out of the pietistic closet and turns him into a flesh and blood figure who we can relate to, while not watering down the sublime nature of his sanctity.