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An omnibus edition of Boy and Going Solo It is about some of the remarkable things that happened to the writer as a boy and a young man Roald Dahl won many prizes, including The Whitbread Prize for The Witches and The Children s Book Award for Matilda

7 thoughts on “Boy: Tales of Childhood & Going Solo

  1. milliebongo 123 milliebongo 123 says:

    My son was set a target of expanding his reading by his English teacher so he and I chose this as one to try with the added bonus of there being two books in one Well he s so glad we did, its comical, sad and thought provoking all at the same time True to Dahlian style it kept his attention and he is now whizzing through the second book.

  2. Tink Tink says:

    if you are a Roald dahl fan then this is for you as you read this book about a young Roald dahl and him growing up in his life from childhood to young adulthood great read to enjoy with young or enjoy reading this one.

  3. Flora Alap Flora Alap says:

    Bought for me but plan to read to neice and nephews too Delivered within time It is a great book and recommend to Roald Dahl fans young and old Nothing wrong with this product.

  4. Deborah Deborah says:

    Brilliant Dahl is witty, observant and wicked These books are written for children and adults with Dahl s trademark style of simple language, complex meaning and lashings og humour There is a timeless appeal to these books I loved his childrens books as a child and for reading to my children so these autobiographical novels were a godsend for a rainy Sunday in a caravan Short and easy to read but the feel good factor lasts for a long time

  5. Mr Sir Mr Sir says:

    A fascinating life told without fuss which somehow makes the extraordinary events and there are a few stand out all the This is about the years before he became an author and even if you ve never heard of Roald Dahl before, there s plenty here to keep you interested A wonderful insight into another time and all told with his usual sense of mischief and black humour.

  6. Mr Jason C Newton Mr Jason C Newton says:

    Nice to have the two books in one place, as they read well one after the other Great for my son doing a Roald Dahl school project Glad I purchased the pre owned version, did the join nicely

  7. Angela Ginn Angela Ginn says:

    I read both these books in primary school and absolutely loved it I decided it was time to give it another go and I wasn t disappointed The way Roald Dahl tells his stories makes it a joy to read and I constantly had a smile on my face and have disturbed many nights sleep of my husband by giggling out loud at Mr Dahl s exploits I am going to get my 10 year old son to read it as it will let him see where the beloved tales came from