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Since Its First Publication Thirty Years Ago, Timothy Ware S Book Has Become Established Throughout The English Speaking World As The Standard Introduction To The Orthodox Church Orthodoxy Continues To Be A Subject Of Enormous Interest Among Western Christians, And The Author Believes That An Understanding Of Its Standpoint Is Necessary Before The Roman Catholic And Protestant Churches Can Be Reunited He Explains The Orthodox Views On Such Widely Ranging Matters As Ecumenical Councils, Sacraments, Free Will, Purgatory, The Papacy And The Relation Between The Different Orthodox Churches All English speaking reading Orthodox need to read this classic It s well written and very thorough And, it s an easy read, even though it is quite packed and rather lengthy I learned a lot reading this, and it was not a struggle Thank you, Met Kallistos There is an underlying arrogance in this book and a tendency to think that members of other denominations are often nominal in their faith whereas all Orthodox are deeply committed and mean every word they say in their Divine Liturgy But interesting all the same A brilliantly written book, not just for theologians, church members or ecclesiastical practitioners though This book should interest anyone interested in history and humanity. its really all about the orthodox church history , A great insight into the Orthodox Church and it s ways, have cone away with a much better understanding of what is involved. Bought as a gift Read thus book and it s a must read. A great book split into two parts History of the Church, and the practices of the Church This book is compact and filled with knowledge, but also contains many references and sources to add to your book wishlist if you wish to know about the Eastern Orthodox Church I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to know about the EO Church.