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In This Memoir, The Author Revisits Ordinary Moments In His Life And Distills The Wondrous In The Terrible, And The Sublime In The Remarkable Carse Freezes Moments Of Time And Consciousness, Infusing Them With Insights From Sufi, Hindu, Zen, Taoist And Numerous Western Sources

6 thoughts on “Breakfast at the Victory: Mysticism of Ordinary Experience

  1. Jonathan West Jonathan West says:

    I bought this book on a hunch after I saw a reference to it in David Carse s non duality book Instantly fell in love with it Boy, what a writer Highly recommended.

  2. Alan Alan says:

    This book is not about concepts, it s about comprehension, the space behind ideas The ah Ha If you like to reflect on the words of others to see how they fit into your life experience, this book is a must for you You might think that to plumb the depths of this book book might require some familiarity with schools of philosophical thought, Eastern and Western Yet it doesn t require any additional background because each chapter explains these concepts through the course of the experiential narrative This book is a glimpse into a history and literature of religion teacher s life experiences and thinking, which he so aptly describes in each chapter of the book This book is to be savored for its depth and insight.

  3. Ken Jr Ken Jr says:

    I love this book If you are even vaguely interested in spiritual growth I would recommend this book to be added to your permanent collection It is full of short essays that are interesting, touching, often amusing and enlightening or provocative depending on your current position on God or god James Carse began his education as a Seminary student but moved on to Dean of Religious Literature Studies at NYU He speaks his heart, opens his life and cites ideas from many religious and or spiritual literary works I ve given this book to at least a half dozen people and will continue to do so I have not managed to read his first published work, Finite and Infinite Games but I have read and re read everything I ve thus far found under his name.

  4. Reader7 Reader7 says:

    Professor Carse is an engaging writer, and the subject matter for his book comprises selected experiences he relates with ease and clarity.For perhaps the first time, I believe I understand what mysticism means to a present day person.I enjoyed the reminders that desire underlies all progress, but cannot be expressed by that progress and that this fact is in itself significant to mystics.Professor Carse has the ability to make a reader wonder and so engage with his viewpoints closely.I recommend this book for a relaxing and engaging read

  5. Aragorn the Wiser Aragorn the Wiser says:

    Although I didn t enjoy this book as much as Finite and Infinite Games, it was still an enjoyable read He tells a number of tales about how we find artistry and beauty in everyday things Not for everyone He is a little too ecumenical for my taste in his theology In fact, I m not sure he believes in anything, but boy does he make you think and to ponder about the larger questions of spirituality.

  6. KR Bend Oregon KR Bend Oregon says:

    He writes with some beautiful metaphores and for me this book will require re reading to digest Had I not liked patches of this book, then I would not read it again I did not understand a lot of it, and surely didn t figure out how portions related to the chapter maybe, a second try will clarify This is a book which require much thought.