read online eBook Visual Studio C#2010 Programming and PC interfacing –

This book aims to teach you quickly how to program a PC, using the popular C high level programming language The tuition begins with data types and program flow and extends toadvanced concepts such as object oriented programming, threading, internet communications and databases All code examples used are available free of charge from the elektor support website you can easily create your own results to demonstrate the concepts explained and reinforce your learning in the processProfessional quality software tools are downloadable also free of charge from Microsoft The Microsoft Visual Studioenvironment is extensively covered with user controls and their properties, methods and eventsDetailed guidance is provided for those wishing to control hardware from a PC with PC interfacing chapters which explain the legacy serial and parallel ports, analogue interfacing using the sound card and use of Microsoft DirectX drivers Interfacing to the ubiquitous USB port is explained in depth with a detailed hardware and software design for a USB connected PIC based hardware target includedThis book is complete with the many full program examples, self assessment exercises and links to supporting videosSupport is also provided for University lecturers in the form of accompanying downloadable PowerPoint presentations for most chaptersThis latest book by Dr John Allwork supports C development using the latest Microsoft Visual Studioand Microsoft Windowsoperating system