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Autogenic Training AT Is Simple And Effective System For Bringing About A Deeply Relaxing State Of Mind And Body In A Time When Finding Ways To Relax, Let Go And Slow Down Are Becoming Increasingly Important AT Offers A Fast And Efficient Series Of Exercises That Can Reduce The Impact Of Stress And Frequent Anxiety Autogenic Training Can Be Easily Integrated With Numerous Other Therapies From Hypnosis Or Counselling To Mindfulness And Meditation Its Practice Is Safe, Non Religious And Contradicts No Healthy Spiritual Or Personal Beliefs This Book Will Guide You Through The Six Basic Exercises Of AT Step By Step, Showing You How You Can With Practice Access Your Own Inner Resources And Find Peace Of Mind The Book Also Explores The Construction And Delivery Of Effective Self Suggestion Auto Suggestion Further Enhancing The Use Of AT Autogenic Training Was Developed By German Psychiatrist And Neurologist Johannes Heinrich Shultz Since The First Publication Of His Work In His Realistic And Effective Methods Have Been Taught Around The World Usually In Medical, Nursing And Care Environments This Book Explores And Explains The Methods Of Autogenic Training, The Author Howard Davies Is An Experienced Counsellor, Hypnotherapist And Stress Management Coach, Who Uses And Teaches These Techniques On A Daily Basis

4 thoughts on “Basic Autogenic Training: And The Construction of Effective Self Suggestions

  1. ian ian says:

    Book is precious because you get overview and rationale behind this therapeutic method For this book deserves six stars But writting is sloppy and grammar mistakes unforgivable If I would write in such a style in my job I would be long gone.

  2. Howlinfido Howlinfido says:

    While this is a fine book on the subject and practice of Autogenic Training, the author really needed an editor The odd punctuation or lack of punctuation where needed and numerous typos, make the book an odd read in places but well worth the 5.50 you can definitely learn the exercises from this book.

  3. Charles Charles says:

    This is a short, to the point book that succeeds in teaching the reader basic AT But, as another reviewer also noted, the author needs to hire an editor to clean up the many writing mistakes The mistakes are not huge ones but they are distracting and take away from the air of professionalism the author is trying to cultivate in explaining his background, experience, etc.

  4. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    Extremely basic And really no attention to the construction of suggestions.