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I myself think that manners are really important and recently thought, that I would polish up mine by buying this book and try to implement the ones in this book into my dayly life Turn out, the manners in this book are in my opinion common behavior and less gentleman rules it tries to teach kids how to be nice to each other Out of the 50 chapter there might have been 5 chapter which I thought were also interesting for me I am 19 and consider myself to be young, so I strongly recommend this book for anyone that has a young son or grandson It addresses a lot of subjects and if followed will teach every young man how to become a gentleman This was recommended by someone and I ordered for my grandson I was very pleased with the content and believe that it has made a difference. Required reading for every teen child in America Please And honestly, by the interviews I do, college students as well Why on earth are people now so clueless on basics of interacting appropriately with others I have interviewed so many college grads, 200k degree in hand, who don t know how to make an introduction, place a phone call, greet others, say thank you, what topics to avoid, the list goes on But, this little book is the beginning of a new person in all of us Read it Volunteer at the local elementary jr high high school and teach these lessons Before we all live in a toxic, ugly world 50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know holds the key to a happier, better community. Bought this for my 15 year old son, and he rolled his eyes However, I have found it on his night stand, and strangely enough, I think he has been reading it as he does say and do something a bit different We need gentleman in the world today The only way to get men who are gentleman is to get boys who are gentleman This book is not outdated, as the principles of acting right are always relevant. This is a nice book for a young man to have on hand It provides some good advice without being preachy It s straight forward and easy to read format.It covers things such as How to accept a compliment.How to give a compliment.Shaking someone s hand.How to introduce someone.There are things it doesn t cover, obviously But it covers a lot and it s enough for a young man who might want to improve himself or is open to correction and willing to do things better.I would suggest that it s too basic for an 18 year old I gave it to my fifteen year old with the thought that if he can drive, he can start to have some manners He s already a pretty good kid and learn to behave properly.Because it s not judgy or preachy I think he was willing to read it and found it useful. It is great to have this book handy for a teen boy.Before one school concert, my son and I were arguing what to do with his tie, he pulled this book out, and showed me the pictures.I can imagine he also learns other things from this book, which I do not have time to teach or am not an expert on. A Young Man S Guide To Becoming The Type Of Guy That People Respect And Enjoy Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know Is A Young Mans Guide To Becoming The Type Of Guy That People Respect And Enjoy He Knows How To Shake Hands He Knows How To Be A Good Sport He Knows How To Give A Genuine Compliment And How To Speak His Mind Without Being Offensive His Friends Listen To What He Has To Say, And He Returns The Favor He Knows How To Achieve The Perfect Knot In A Necktie, And Important, He Knows When He Should Be Wearing A Tie In The First Place Oh, And His Favorite Ball Cap He Knows When To Wear It And When To Leave It At Home On His Dresser Becoming A Gentleman Doesnt Happen In An Instant Its A Lifelong Exercise In Refining Etiquette, Social Interaction, And Personal Discipline It All Begins Here