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An Essential Guide To Appropriate Behavior In All Situations Explains What Readers Need To Know About Dealing With Embarrassing Moments, Organizing Social Events, Writing Difficult Letters, Preparing For Job Interviews, And Much

4 thoughts on “Modern Etiquette

  1. Donald Jackson Donald Jackson says:

    I bought this book because it is Hyacinth s book of reference in the series Keeping Up Appearances I felt that if it was good enough for her, it would be quite comprehensive I was not disappointed.I found the book to be a thoughtful reference to good manners The author covers all social interactions, and her humorous presentation makes for delightful reading She takes the trouble to differentiate between British and American practice when they diverge While I do not always agree with the author, perhaps because I am an American, I feel that one could not go far wrong by following her directions.Books on Etiquette are seldom best sellers, but this one should be in every serious bibliophile s collection.

  2. Larry Albert Larry Albert says:

    Bought this book because Hyacinth Bucket seems to use it.Thought it would be as stuffy as Hyacinth.Was very interesting.Author explained cultural differences in etiquette relative to religions and nationality.Proper method of using spoon while eating soup depends on country.Gift giving customs vary with different religions.These details would be useful to a hostess in Britain Just interesting curiosities to reads in the USA.

  3. Phunnyphella Phunnyphella says:

    Really enjoy perusing this book and discovering that as children, even American children, we were taught manners as outlined in so many areas of this book And it s fun to read the does and don ts for our British cousins Too bad this book has gone out of print and now can only be found by searching the internet

  4. Burton Dale Burton Dale says:

    If you like the TV series, Keeping Up Appearances, starring Patricia Rutledge as the unforgettable Hyacinth Bucket, you might consider the purchase of her manual to emulate the aristocracy At the start of every showing, this is the text our Hyacinth applies to fashion up and change Bucket to Bouquet Be quick, the showing is altogether brief But this very text is the source of information she uses to cobble together her unforgiveable candlelight suppers It should be on every shelf, like My Pet Goat being read by President Bush when he learned of the 911 attack.Such are the stuff of dreams masks from Greek plays, such always are Tragedy and Comedy One does not exist without the other.Burton Dale