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Suffering From Digestive Health Issues And Finding It Hard To Adhere To The GAPS Diet Because It Is Proving Time Consuming Learn To Create Delicious And Nutritious Meals That Are GAPS Compliant But Require Little Preparation Time Or Equipment, Meaning Less Stress And Less Mess Are You Struggling To Make Meals That Are GAPS Compliant Whilst Juggling The Other Demands Of Daily Life Are You Trying Your Best To Adhere To The GAPS Diet But Finding That The Preparation, Cooking And Clearing Up Involved Are A Little Overwhelming At Times Author Andre Parker Has A Very Personal Understanding Of The Difficulty Of Dealing With Digestive Health Issues And Following The GAPS Diet Just Over Six Years Ago, He Was Struggling With A Long List Of Digestive Health Issues When He Discovered The GAPS Diet, Which Changed His Life Forever And Completely Turned His Health AroundAndre Has Coupled The Knowledge And Experience He Gained On His Journey To Healing And Repairing His Gut With His Love Of Cooking To Produce This User Friendly Cookbook, One Pot Delights He Developed This Cookbook For People Like Him Busy People With A Sensitive Digestive System His Aim Is To Make Your Gut Healing Journey A Whole Lot Easier By Using Just One Pot To Throw Together A Range Of Delicious And Gut Healing One Pot Delights All It Takes Is Your One Pot Of Choice, Combined With A Select Few Gut Healing Ingredients And Minimal Preparation Time, And You Will Be On Your Way To Creating Wholesome But Effortless Meals With Plenty Of Time Left Over To Do What You Enjoy A Cookbook For The Entire GAPS Diet Each And Every Stage Of The Diet Is Covered Recipes Are Organized By The Equipment Required Including Slow Cookers, Skillets, Stockpots, Casserole Dishes And Roasting Pans A Variety Of Recipes Are Included From Light Bites And Full Meals To Desserts And Even Condiments Simple And Easy Recipes Requiring Minimal Preparation But With Delicious Results A Range Of Ingredients Are Covered With Enough Variation To Keep It Interesting But All Easy To Source Other Dietary Requirements Or Preferences Considered With Vegan, Chicken, Turkey, Beef And Lamb Dishes All IncludedIf You Want To Save Yourself Precious Time And Effort In The Kitchen, While Creating Delicious And Nutritious GAPS Compliant Recipes, Andre Parker S One Pot Delights Is Exactly What You Need Buy One Pot Delights Today And Make The GAPS Diet Manageable And Less Time Consuming From Now On

5 thoughts on “GAPS Diet One Pot Delights Cookbook: Delicious Slow Cooker, Stockpot, Skillet & Roasting Pan Recipes

  1. Amy Quillin Amy Quillin says:

    Let s be honest, cooking for your GAPS family can be overwhelming at times I love and appreciate the way the cookbook presents easy to make recipes for someone like me who struggles in the kitchen Nourishing and healing food doesn t have to be complicatedthank you Andre for putting this great collection together for families like mine

  2. Kaolinite Kaolinite says:

    This book and the recipes inside are very basic The book is super short and has no pictures of the recipes I m pretty disappointed by it If you want a better gaps cookbook, I d highly recommend the heal your gut cookbook by Hilary Boynton.

  3. chris chris says:

    The cover of this book is deceiving It is very simple, definitely NOT worth the 10 Zero photos and very few recipes, some of which do not even make sense I do not review often, but did not want someone else to be as disappointed as I was upon receiving this cookbook

  4. Donna Vee Donna Vee says:

    Very helpful information and cooking ideas for where to start for an autoimmune condition.

  5. Immabet Anbesa Immabet Anbesa says:

    There are multiple recipes that don t make any sense roasted pumpkin that is actually butternut squash in the ingerdients but calls for you to put pumpkin in the pan, riced cauliflower and meatballs, but the cauliflower isn t in the recipe instructions at all..Wish I had saved my money.