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This book will help you redefine what really matters Stylist The best book I have read recentlyAbsolutely blinding Read it Do it Liz Jones Mail on Sunday Every woman s handbook Evening Standard Life affirmingThe key practice she advocates is devising for yourself a f k budgetIt s a beautiful way of streamlining your psyche Lucy Mangan Guardian I love Knight s book before I even start readingthe book works a charmSunday Times Magazine Genius Cosmopolitan Her book wooed me with this line Hot yoga Don t give a downard f She has some frank adviceBite me off a piece of that, I think Style, Sunday Times Yes, it s a parody of a cult bookbut it s something , too Knight acknowledges the overwhelmingness of the modern world in a different way to many before her Guardian Changed my life To this day, I think about how it schooled me in the fine art of giving less f cks about people and party invites who don t really matter to me, and saving my precious time and energy for those who do I wasn t alone the book became an international bestseller Vogue My new saviourhilarious PsychologiesSarah Knight is the author of Get Your Sh t Together, The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F kan international bestseller translated into fifteen languages and counting and her new book You Do You, publishing in NovemberHer TEDx talk The Magic of Not Giving a F ck has had over two million views Her work has appeared in major print and online publications After quitting her corporate job in New York to start a freelance career, she now resides in the Dominican Republic with her husband and a sh tload of lizards Follow her on Twitter and Instagram MCSnugzSign up for Sarah Knight s No F cks Given Newsletter tinyletter sarahknightsarahknightauthor

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