Read Prime The Funniest Joke Book Ever!Author Bathroom Readers Institute –

Giggles, groans, and belly laughs, packed on every pageKids cant resist sharing jokes even you try to stop them , so they always need a fresh supply Weve stuffed the pages of this little joke book with the funniest jokes we could find Old favorites, new favorites, and a few festering stinkersall guaranteed to make kids laugh out loud You ll find QA jokes, knock knock jokes, riddles, and one liners And, of course, weve included entire chapters of those all time kid pleasers elephant jokes, pirate jokes, and space jokes Heres a sampling What s black and white, black and white, black and white A penguin rolling down a hill Why dont zombies eat clowns They taste funny Why did the hen scold her chicks They were using fowl language What kind of books do skunks read Best smellers How does Darth Vader like his toast On the dark sideThe Bathroom Readers Institute is a tight knit group of loyal and skilled writers, researchers, and editors who have been working as a team for years The BRI understands the habits of a very special marketThrone Sittersand devotes itself to providing amazing facts and conversation pieces