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The authors writing style and clarity of exposition is a key strength Utilization of a running case study works exceptionally well in helping students to relate abstract legal principles to practical real world scenarios Sam Burton, Senior Lecturer in Law, Sheffield Hallam University It is designed with a student s needs in mind In depth relevant examples make it interesting Andrea Garvey, law student, Swansea University Well stated and clear Great basis for further discussion and clarity of explanation Anne Street, Senior Teaching Fellow, SOAS, University of London It is excellent, provides students with a comprehensive review of the law, as well as giving them useful pointers in terms of reform Emily Allbon, Senior Lecturer, City, University of LondonPractical and contextual in its approach, lucid and engaging in style, Textbook on Land Law enlivens the subject for students The innovative running case study used throughout illustrates the law in action, helping students to visualize the real life applications of the law and demystify abstract concepts Academic details on key topics are explained straightforwardly for an accessible learning experience This is enhanced by additional examples, extracts, diagrams, and sample documents which contribute to the building blocks of a clear framework, enabling students to gain a pragmatic understanding of the essential principles A glossary of key terms is included at the end of the book for ease of reference, while end of chapter reading suggestions support further research and exam preparation Online resources This textbook is also accompanied by online resources including self test questions with instant feedback, guidance on approaching land law problems, as well as additional examination of topics such as leasehold covenants, perpetuities and accumulations, and undue influence and mortgages