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The great thing about this book is that it is scholarly and extremely accessiblethe author has combined accessibility with academic rigour Margaret Brazier, Professor of Law, University of Manchester It is a compelling read, which has gone a long way to reconceptualising key medico legal concepts It has a linear and profoundly rational approach to readily misunderstood concepts, the three Cs capacity, consent and confidentiality BMA Medical Book AwardsMedical Law Text, Cases, and Materials offers all of the explanation, commentary, and extracts from cases and key materials that students need to gain a thorough understanding of this complex topic Key case extracts provide the legal context, facts, and background extracts from materials provide differing ethical perspectives and outline current debates and the author s insightful commentary ensures that readers understand the facts of the cases and can navigate the ethical landscape to form their own understanding of medical law Online resource centre Online updates to the law are provided alongside a searchable glossary of medical and legal terms

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